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Sci Fi Channel Upfront (more photos & video of the panel)

Here are some more photos from the Sci Fi Channel Upfront event 

Source: http://www.netglimse.com/celeb_event/265584

ALSO .... On the TV GUIDE website on the "Sci Fi Channel Videos" page there is a video that reads
Battlestar Galactica | Battlestar Galactica Upfront Panel
Watch the "Battlestar Galactica" 2008 Upfront panel

If I click on "play video" it takes me to the SCI FI Pulse website to the "Umbrella Spot 2008" video and not the Upfront panel. I don't know if it's not working for me because I live outside of the USA or if it's just not working all together. Can someone in the USA please see if they can get it to play? Here's the link http://video.tvguide.com/Networks/Sci+Fi+Channel 

EDIT: Go here for the instructions on how to watch the video
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