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picture possibly cracked

Cracked by altitudeandwine in this post. I'm just doing the Photoshopping.

Spoilers for season four and the EW picture under the cut.

One of the methods that Da Vinci often used was mirroring within his paintings, and since RDM decided to use the Last Supper setting for the photo, altitudeandwine had the idea to do exactly the same. Suprisingly, a lot of details revealed themselves. And this is only half of the image that I've worked on. The other half would reveal some things that are covered up from the first set of mirroring. Go to altitudeandwine's entry above, and everything is explained thoroughly.

With the revealed elements.

Just the image.

Again, just want to say that the brain behind this is completely and 100% altitudeandwine. Very brilliant, don't you say? :]

My notes to come later. I'm off to school.

Editing to add a few things before I leave.

Just a note that the image was rotated using the cups and placeholders.

You can tell that the original image was Photoshopped, because since it's a panoramic picture, everybody should be fairly the same size. But certain people like Saul are smaller than others. This is one of the things that altitudeandwine noticed right away.

As you can see (if you ignore some of my bad Photoshopping), things fit together perfectly, such as the way Roslin appears in Adama's lap, their hands together, and Natalie fitting perfectly between them in the background.

Another interesting one is how Chief Tyrol seems to now be scheming directly behind Baltar and Lee - is he becoming murderous towards one them, now that he's a Cylon?

Even though you can't see Saul in the mirrored version, Athena now seems to be pointing towards him, her eyes still fixed on Six. Is Six accusing him of being a Cylon? Does she know?

And Anders kissing Six's arm? Wasn't there a spoiler about them becoming involved in a relationship a while ago?

The goblet is now directly in front of Athena. This could mean major things for her character depending on which Biblical cup you use (the Holy Grail or the Cup of Gethsemane). I think we're all pretty familiar with the Holy Grail and its story, but the Cup of Gethsemane represents Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and praying that "this cup" would be "passed" from Him if it was God's will (as in, His coming crucifixion). So, will Athena sacrifice herself in some way?

My only concern is how Kara and Saul are covered up. It's the only thing that puts a red flag in my mind that this is either very correct or completely messed up. They are obviously two vital characters after the season three finale, so why would they be masqueraded? My thoughts are that, just like Da Vinci's paintings with code, the original, un-mirrored painting holds many values as well. It's a painting, a piece of art that tells a story. I think that the things RDM says to us in his commentary about the photograph it its un-mirrored position are also valuable, and the details about Saul "turning a blind eye" or Anders being the only one who embraces Kara...they're significant. But there's more of a story when the picture is mirrored.

For those of you who have the ability to do the same with the image, please do! I want to see what everyone else can uncover. :]

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