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BSG convention love in Germany

Two weeks ago, Luciana "Kat" Carro and Patrick Currie (Enzo in "The Passage" as well as three SG-1 roles) were among the star guests at Crossroads, a small genre convention in the small town of Bad Salzdetfurth, Lower Saxony, Germany.

We were only a few BSG fans among more than 120 Gaters, but like at Utopia in October, we were once again treated breath-takingly generously by Luciana. This time, party animal Lucci threw in some wicked dancing and a hilarious improv perfomance, too.

Besides, teaming up the on-screen enemies of "The Passage" for the first time since shooting the episode, proved to be the perfect recipe for an entertaining joint panel.

Admittedly, I wasn't very fond of the character of Enzo, and I wasn't interested in the actor at all. However, Patrick quickly won me over, and at times it seemed he was no less enchanted by Luciana than her humble fans are. ;-)

- Caprica City's interviews with Lucci and Patrick
- a gallery with 100 of René 'Lex' Kissien's photos from the whole weekend, including panels and the party
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