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I had the good fortune to be at the first showing of Razor in Seattle tonight (loved it. Still impressed that it was all beamed realtime via satellite), and the extra good fortune to be the first person up to the front after the giveaway drawings to meet Jamie Bamber. Sadly Ronald D. Moore wasn't in attendance, no doubt due to the writer's guild strike. But as an added bonus, Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen was there (She plays the new character Kendra Shaw, one of the main characters in Razor). Jamie was very nice and endured my hurried compliments on the show as well as my questions about what was next. Apparently the show is "going dark" on Friday, so disappointing. Also got a photo, which really didn't come out well at all, I was sort of looking away at the time. Sort of peeved at my friend for not checking the preview to see how it came out, especially since I did so for his picture with Stephanie and took an extra to make sure he got a good one. But oh well, I had fun, and you really can't help looking like a dork standing next to a decked out actor.

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