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Battlestar Blog • Links

Welcome to the Battlestar Blog Links page. Here you'll find our complete archive -- one of the rockin'est, most complete BSG links list on the interwebs!

Please note that Battlestar Blog is not responsible for the content of any of the sites listed below. This is simply a service to our fellow fans. If you see something inappropriate or have a problem with one of these links (or would like a link added), please contact me at

13th Tribe: BSG News/Fan Site
Aaron Douglas Fans: Aaron Douglas Fan Site
All About Tahmoh Penikett: News & Fan Site for Actor Tahmoh Penikett (Helo)
Battlestar-Blog: LiveJournal's #1 Community For All Things Battlestar :)
Battlestar Flickr Group: Cast Photos, Humor, and More
Battlestar Galactica: Czech BSG Site
Battlestar Galactica: French BSG Site
Battlestar Pacifica: Mush Site
Battlestar Wiki: Open Content BSG Encyclopedia & Guide
Battlestar Wikipedia Page: All About Both Series BSG Fan Club News & Update Fan Site For Both Series Fan Site/News
Battlestar Online: All Things Galactica
Battlestar Zone: Fan Site & Forum
BSG Caps: Screencap Site
BSG Lover: Battlestar Fan Forum
BSG Media: Lots of Quality Photos & Screencaps
BSG Screenshots: Screencaps, Videos & Quotes
BSG TNS: News & Fan Site
BSGalactica-Club: DeviantArt BSG Fan Art
BSGcast: Weekly BSG Videocast with Matt & Nat Fan Site for Classic & New BSG
Caprica City: German BSG Site Colonial Defense Forces BSG Fan Club BSG Costumers FanSite
Critical Myth: BSG Episode Reviews
Dark Thoughts: Battlestar Galactica: Photo Galleries & More
DeviantART: BSGalactica-Club: DeviantART Fan Art Gallery
Drewcypher's Battlestar Galleries: The Latest & Greatest BSG Photos
Dynamite Entertainment: BSG Comic Books
Frakking Toasters: Fan-Made BSG Cartoon Strip Fan Community and Website
Galactica Actual: Informative Fan Site & Podcasts
Galactica Blog: Thoughts About BSG
Galactica BS: Fan Forum/Golden Toaster Awards
Galactica Sitrep: BSG News and Interviews
Galactica Station: Multi-Feature Fan Site
Galactica TV: BSG Site Focusing On Those In Front Of & Behind The Camera
Galactica: Variants: BSG Reviews, Images, Humor & More
Galactica Watercooler: BSG Discussion Podcast
Galacticaa: News, Photos & More
GateWorld: BSG: Episode Guide & Spoilers
Grant Gould's Battlestar Galactica Art Gallery: Fan Art
Grant Gould's Starbuck Art Collection: Various Artists
Hangar Deck 5: Forum & Golden Toaster Awards Host
Hasbro: Battlestar Galactica Toys The Official Site of Kandyse McClure The Official Site of Leah Cairns
Luciana Carro Fans: Official Fansite of Luciana Carro
LJ Blog: bsg-comicses: Cute BSG Character Art Fansite Dedicated to Michelle Forbes The Official Site of Nicki Clyne
Official Series Website:
Ron Moore's BSG Blog:
Ron Moore's Official Site: RDM's Website & Blog
Ryan Robbins Fans: Official Ryan Robbins Fan Club
Sad Geezer's Guide to Cult SciFi: Battlestar Galactica Page An Online Petition To Save BSG Battlestar Forums: The Official Forums @ Skiffy
SciFi Hobby: Home for Battlestar Galactica Trading Cards
Sean Patrick Pence: Battlestar Galactica Trading Card Artist
Television Without Pity: BSG Reviews
TrekBBS: Battlestar Galactica Forum Tricia Helfer's Official Site & Blog
TV Guide's BSG Blog: Written by Angel Cohn Battlestar News and Media
Wiki Frakr: Humorous BSG Wiki Site

Battlestar Galactica LiveJournal Communities:

13th_colony: Spoiler-free BSG Discussion
aarondouglas: Aaron Douglas Fans
actionstations: Battlestar Galactica Roleplay
adama_roslin: Fans of William Adama & Laura Roslin
anders_ic: Samuel Anders Icon Challenge
anders_lee: Anders/Lee Shipper Community
ar_daily_dose: Adama/Roslin Daily
ar_icontest: Adama/Roslin icontest and LIMS
bamber_daily: Jamie Bamber (Apollo) Photos
jamiebambernews: A Jamie Bamber Community
battlestar_blog: LiveJournal's #1 Community For All Things Battlestar :)
becometherazor: Cain/Shaw Fan Community
beyond_insane: Lee Adama/Kara Thrace Community
billy_dualla: A Billy/Dualla Community
bondage_rz: Zarek/Roslin Shippers
brit_bsg: British Battlestar Galactica Fans
bsg100: Battlestar Galactica Drabbles
bsg2003fics: BSG Fan Fiction
bsg_australia: Australian BSG Fan Community
bsg_awards: BSG Icon Awards
bsg_boys: The Boys of Battlestar
bsg_canon: Resources For Writing BSG Fanfic
bsg_challenge: BSG Episodic Challenges
bsg_costuming: BSG Costuming Community
bsg_crack: BSG Crack-Appreciation Community
bsg_creative: Community for Icons, Vids & More
bsg_directory: BSG Link Directory
bsg_erotica: Battlestar Erotica
bsg_femslash: Battlestar Galactica Femslash
bsg_graphics: BSG Graphics
bsg_lyrical: Battlestar Galactica Lyrical Icontest
bsg_macros: BSG Captioned Pics and Humor
bsg_news: Battlestar News and Updates
bsg_pairicons: BSG Couples Icontest
bsg_rare: BSG Rare Pairings Community
bsg_rp: BSG Roleplay Community
bsg_scifi: BSG Fan Community
bsg_slash: BSG Slash Fic and Chat
bsg_slashathon: BSG Boy Slash
bsg_sosayweall: Community for All Facets of BSG
bsg_stillness: An Icon Challenge Community
bsg_stills: An Icon Challenge Community
bsg_women: The Women of Battlestar Galactica
bsgawards: The Battlestar Galactica Icon Awards
bsgfans: Fans of Battlestar Galactica
bsgstillness: BSG Stillness Icon Challenges
bsgvidrecs: BSG Video Community
bstar_galactica: Tactical Discussion & Fan Site
bstg_icontest: Battlestar Icon Challenge
caprica_fans: Community dedicated to the BSG spin-off Caprica
capricas_sun: A Community for Kara Thrace Fans
capricaicons: Caprica Icons and Graphics
chamalla_dreams: A Laura Roslin Fan Community
cylon_secrets: BSG Spoiler Discussion
cylonized: Graphics Community
cylonymous: Battlestar Analytica
diario_de_kobol: Fanfics de BSG en español
dr_gaius: A Gaius Baltar Fan Community
dramaticmuses: Multi-Fandom Fic Challenge/RPG Community
fallen_idealist: Tom Zarek Fan Community
felgercarb: Fan Site for the Original 1978 Series
flesh_and__bone: BSG Shippers Fan Fic Community
frak_buddies: A Chief/Helo Community
frak_spoilers: BSG Spoiler Free Community
full_colors: Fans of Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
gaeta_squee: Fans of Felix Gaeta
galactica_icons: BSG Icon Community
galactica_pix: Officially Released Hi-Res Image Galleries
galactica_us: Community For U.S. Fans
galactica_vids: BSG Music Videos
galacticanews: Daily Fandom News
galacticavipers: BSG Fan Community
good_bsg: BSG-related Artwork
good_galacticon: Good Galactica Icons
hidden_elysium: A Helo/Boomer Community
hot_toaster: The Hot Toaster Appreciation Society
karastillness: Kara Stillness Icon Challenges
katee_daily: Katee Sackhoff Daily
laura_daily: Laura Roslin Daily
laura_lee_bsg: A Laura and Lee Community
leeadama_daily: Lee Adama Daily
leestillness: Lee Adama Stillness Challenge
listen_to_god: Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza Fan Community
mfthiefofhearts: A Michelle Forbes Community
michael_hogan: A Michael Hogan Community
not_a_frak_up: The Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson Community
oh_tahmoh: Fans of Tahmoh Penikett
open_com: Lee & Dee Shipper Zone
pilotgasm: Fictional Pilot Fic, Icons, Etc.
rememberlaura: A post-series community dedicated to Roslin
romo_lampkin: Romo Lampkin Community
roslin_adama: Roslin/Adama Shipper Community
roslin_rox: President Laura Roslin Community
ru_battlestar: Fan Community
sasa_hq: Starbuck/Apollo Shippers Anonymous
six_decadence: A Number Six Fan Community
so_say_we_all: Alternate Universe Version of BSG
starbuck_bsg: A Starbuck/Kara Thrace Loving Society
starbuck_daily: Your Daily Dose of Kara Thrace
starbuck_lives: Starbuck Fan Community
starttheclock: An Elite BSG Challenge Community
the_wireless: Galactica Wireless Fan Fic Newsletter
thesmokingdoc: A Doc Cottle Fan Community
theyhaveaplan: A Cylon Icontest
this_mad_love: A Community for Gaius/Six Fans
tigh_me_up: Community for Saul Tigh Fans
tighroslin: Tigh/Roslin 2008
truccos_troops: Michael Trucco/Anders Fan Community
viper_jockeys: Spoiler-Welcome Fan Community
william_adama: William Adama/Edward James Olmos Fandom

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