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DragonCon Report, Pics and Links

Where to start....? Suffice to say DC07 was one huge BSG event for me. Lets get down to the highlights:

Thursday: Arrived in ATL around 1230pm and quickly got up to my room at the Hyatt. I had a bit of time so I joined one of my roommates down in the Hyatt bar to people watch. At 7pm, The Colonial Fleet, the BSG group I am a member of, gathered in the Hyatt lobby to walk down to The Hard Rock Cafe for our first meet up.
Huge surprise to discover Tisiphone is Tanya from an awesome LARP I played years ago. HRC kicked ass. Picked up the commemorative DC pins they had for sale. Started the long weekend of trying to remember everyones names and callsigns. For some reason, I am much better at callsigns. Weird. My flask with the oh so yummy butterscotch schnapps made its first appearance of the weekend.
After HRC, we all moved down to the Marriott to Syko's room for the first of many room parties. For a group that previously really only knew each other online, we amazingly all clicked and there were no issues between people. Spent a few hours there getting hammered with the rest of the group. Met up with lomer and her sister who are the primary people getting me hooked into TCF.
Friday: First panel in the morning and met up with the TCFers to get a good place in line and ended up in the 2nd row. Star Trek vs. Battlestar Galactica, probably the worst conceived panel I have been to in a long time. All of the guests on stage looked uncomfortable with the subject matter and the fact that there really wasn't any moderation. They really had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. It ended up with taking questions from fans. Jamie Bamber looked incredibly bored on stage. Aaron Douglas kept everyone laughing.

Met up with Rogue from the Cruxshadows and we did our yearly football chat concerning the Jaguars QB controversy.

He is like me and not a big fan of Leftwich, we both really wanted Garrard made the starter. I gave him a signed pic from Jaxson DeVille and he was so happy. I asked if he could get me backstage for the concert on sunday night and he said he would see what he could do. Yay!
From there I went to the Firefly panel with Ron Glass and Mark Shepard. Ron never showed so Mark carried the whole hour and was fantastic.

Of course, as the evening wore on, TCF had another room party that spilled out into the hallway. Security came and shut us down. Yay! LOL So we just moved to another level in the hotel and continued to party.

Cam and I got dragged to another room party by some people she met the night before. We went to the ConSluts party and found Aaron Douglas and Paul McGillion from Stargate: Atlantis there. We apparently were supposed to pick them up for another party but only Paul came with us. Ended up closing the Hyatt bar down. I think we went up to their room after that and drank more. Things are fuzzy after that.
Saturday: Late start to the morning. Had planned to go to the parade but didn't get up in time. Hung out with Lomer and Mars for a bit. Walked around the Walk of Fame. Got throughly disgusted with the prices just to pose in a photo with the celeb. I mean, seriously the I Want to be a Superhero group are not even celebs, but it would have cost me $10 just have a pic taken with them. No way. I did talk to Fat Momma and she was really nice, but I didn't buy anything. Mars wanted me to get a pic of him an Gigi Edgely from Farscape. She was totally sweet and even tho she did charge for posed pics, she told me she would do one with me as well. I think she thought Mars and I were married. LOL

Wandered around and saw James Marsters and he still looks mighty fine, even without his blonde hair. Met Aaron and Mark from BSG and gave them some artwork from Grant Gould which went over very well. Aaron loved them :)
Saw Ellen Muth from Dead Like Me. She looked so fragile. She needs to eat a sandwich. Heard some very cringe-worthy gossip about her from the night before but I won't share here. What happens at DC, stays at DC.
Went to dinner with nener at a very slow chinese place and I had run out of there and get to the BSG party.
I got there at 9pm and we already had a huge line of people waiting to get in and the party didn't start for an hour. Went through some security info and we prepped the room for the party. We had a bit of an issue with the Track Director but that was smoothed over. Jamie and Mark showed up before the party started which amped the excitement level up. The bartender hadn't arrived yet, so Jamie began fixing drinks for everyone.

Everything is such a blur despite not drinking any alcohol during the event. I ran around taking pics of everything. Our photo corner kicked ass. An old skool Cylon even showed up and posed for pics for at least 45 minutes.

Aaron showed up and stayed till after the party ended. Richard Hatch showed up as well. We raised $400 for the Diabetes Association with our charity raffle.

Had another room party, but yet again....What happens at DC.....
Sunday: While I was wandering around, I got a text message from Scott saying that Leftwich had been cut from the Jags. OMG. On my PDA, I went to the Jags website and pulled up the press release. I found Rogue and told him I had news and showed him my pda. His mouth just dropped when he read it, then he bounced around and hugged me. He made sure I got my backstage pass for the concert that night. Yay!
Waited in line for the TAPs panel and I heard this voice behind me say "Gir! Invader Zim is awesome. Great bag!" I turned looking down at shoulder bag and then glancing up at what I assumed was a fanboy. Oh no... it was James Marsters! He gave me a huge grin and I grinned back at him and then he was gone, off to his next panel. Mini-Squee!
The Cruxshadows concert kicked ass. Took tons of pics. Rogue said I could go on stage but I didn't feel right bout doing that

Well there a ton of other events, but I caught a case of the ConCrud and am feeling lousy. Here is a link to my Gallery of pics. Enjoy
My DragonCon 2007 Gallery
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