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Info from Mark Sheppard

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lampkin himself at GenCon Indy. He was a great guy to talk to, gave me the time of day, etc. Really awesome.

The first question I asked him was if he was at liberty to say if he was going to appear in S4.

He said he was indeed at liberty to say, and yes, he is going to be in S4. :D Awesome news there.

That keeps me thinking that he's the final Cylon... That'd be perfect.

So we talked about his time with BSG and Firefly a bit, and I mentioned the podcasts that he did for the last 3 eps of S3. He said he didn't feel that it was his place to do the podcasts, and that it would have been better if he had done them with RDM, and not just by himself. Interesting.

He also said he's going to be a regular on the new Bionic Woman show. Heck, I'd watch that show just to see his acting.

Anyways, just thought I'd mention this news here. I don't know if you all knew his answers or not, but it was news to me.
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