Grant Gould (gdg) wrote in battlestar_blog,
Grant Gould

Bear McCreary Q&A - Submissions

Award-winning composer Bear McCreary, who you of course know as the musical genius behind all three seasons of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, has volunteered to take questions from YOU -- the community members of Battlestar Blog! This is an amazing opportunity, and I for one am extremely thrilled he's willing to take time for this. (I'm a soundtrack geek and I listen to the BSG soundtracks all the time.)

Please submit your question in the text entry poll below. Try to keep it relatively short. And your questions MAY include spoilers up to and including the episode "Crossroads Part I," which is the one that aired last weekend. You have until around noon on Saturday, March 24th to submit a question here. At that time I'll send the questions off to Bear.

And one last thing -- Bear mentioned that he tends to get asked the same questions over and over when he does interviews about BSG. He wanted me to encourage you guys to come up with some really great, new, interesting questions -- he wants to be challenged! :)

So there ya have it! Again, please type your question into the text entry poll below.

Thanks, everyone! :)
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