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Rewatching and can't remember which episodes/miniseries/Razor certain things happen.

Which episode has Lee and Starbuck on a planet after coitus pronouncing their love loudly, and which episode has Adama and Roslin on the surface of New Caprica cuddling, drinking, and I think smoking? I'm at season 3 episode 1 and I thought it should've happened by now? Or is it from a flash back in later episodes? Thanks much for help.
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Both are Unfinished Business flashbacks. Season 3, episode 9
Ah ha! Thanks. : )
I am always amazed at people who can quote chapter and verse (so to speak) for show scenes. The only shows I'd know that well would be The X-Files or M*A*S*H, and even then I wouldn't be able to do that very often.

I would be amazed if someone didn't know that was from Unfinished Business :)
Yeah, Unfinished Business.

Timeline wise, both those interactions have happened at the point we enter season three, but we don't see them until Unfinished Business.