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New BSG RPG Recruiting Now!!

Battlestar Galactica: Scattered
an RPG set after the events of the miniseries

Laura Roslin
Saul Tigh
Galen "Chief" Tyrol
Sharon "Athena" Valerii
Cally Hendersen
Anastasia Dualla
Sam Anders
Felix Gaeta
Ellen Tigh
Number One/Three/Four/Five
Billy Keikeya
Viper Pilots: Kat, Crashdown, Racetrack, Hot Dog, Etc.

Commander Adama, in order to restore some sense of hope in a hopeless situation, told the fleet that he knows where Earth is, so the search has begun. But the only person that knows he lied is Laura Roslin.

They're now on the run from the Cylons as they search for Earth, but more and more clues as to its potential location will be revealed... Adama may not know where Earth is, but prophecies point to the planet existing...

Helo exchanged his place on Boomer's ship to save Gaius Baltar. He is currently attempting to escape Cylons and Centurions while also trying to heal his wounded leg on Caprica. Who will come to his aid?

With learning that Cylons now look like humans and that they are living among the fleet, Gaius Baltar is developing a Cylon detector so the entire crew can be tested.

The only known Cylons right now are Number Two Leoben, Number Five Aaron, and Number Six. Little does the fleet know that one of their own pilots is a Cylon in hiding, but even she doesn't know....

Taken Characters: Gaius Baltar, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Karl "Helo" Agathon, Lee "Apollo" Adama, Number Two Leoben Conoy, Number Six, Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, William Adama


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Is there a roleplaying system at work or is this free form? Mostly curious, but could be interesting to follow from the fiction standpoint - as I have a lot of my own projects to work on.
It's technically a play-by-email, but all posts are hosted at the yahoo group (which is basically an email message board). So, if you're a member of the group, you will receive the posts. Each member is playing a character or more, so we're building the story together like that. Posting requirement is at the minimum once a week per character.

We just started the game today. I have some great writers, just wish we had some more people to play characters! :) But you are more than welcome to be a casual reader/viewer and jump into the game at any time if there is someone you wish to play.