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Calling all BSG Fanfic writers - Galacticon 3, Houston, May has a fiction call out

Grant's kindly agreed to let me post this here.

Galacticon this year will be in Houston, at the end of May. Among all the other events, there will be a panel on fanfiction and a workshop on writing.

As a part of that, Galacticon is running a fiction competition.  You DON'T have to attend the convention to enter, and we would love to see loads
of good entries in all genres, so why not mosey along over to the website and take a look? Spread the word to any and all BSG fans, both original series and re-imagined, and encourage everyone to have a go. It'll be fun. There will be prizes.

SPREAD THE WORD!  But hurry - the deadline is approaching!
Tags: conventions, fan art: fanfiction

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