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New Behind the Scenes photos at BSG Filming Locations website

We've been working over the summer on three new pages for the BSG filming locations website.

The first two form a whole new section dedicated to behind the scenes photos from the show. One page showcases the locations photography from the sites in Kamloops (the algae planet and Earth 2.0), as well as some great behind the scenes shots of filming 'Eye of Jupiter' and 'Rapture.' These were provided by the film commission in Kamloops. The second page features behind the scenes photography shared by Paul Yates. He shadowed director Michael Nankin on 'Sometimes A Great Notion.' The bulk of the photos on these pages have never been published before!

You can check out both pages here:

Behind the Scenes

While you're there, you can also check out the new 'Your Trips' page! It's packed with pictures that fans shared with us of their own trips to the locations. It can be found in the drop down menu under 'Home'.
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