September 24th, 2008

BSG - Tell them I ain't coming back.

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Cort & Fatboy are currently talking live to Aaron Douglas.
The interview will be on the tuesday podcast wich will be up in about half an hour.

ETA: It's up now.
ETA2: SPOILER WARNING: Aaron talks about Earth from the mid-season finale. It's the same thing he mentioned in the Dreamwatch article. From the sounds of it, I don't think he realised he was giving out a spoiler. Skip past time stamp 10:20 - 11:20 to miss the spoiler. (thanks meshel73)

season 4 ending leaked?

Hi all,

A friend of mine who is also a pretty big fan told me that part of the second half of season 4 has been leaked online. He'd claimed to see a few minutes of the very last episode. My initial reaction was to think he was bullshitting, and I'm inclined to think that even more now that I've searched around a bit and haven't found anything. Did anyone else hear about this, or know if there is any truth to something getting leaked?
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looking for spoilers

I'm a spoiler addict. I need them. This dry spell in between seasons is getting to me. Does anybody know a site I can visit to get the scoop? My Google skillz apparently are lacking and/or I just don't know the fandom as well as I should. *blush*