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Battlestar Galactica Fan Community's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Battlestar Galactica Fan Community

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TOR free e-book: Battlestar Galactica in PDF, by Jeffrey A. Carver [27 Jun 2008|09:04am]
TOR makes e-books available for free for one week, with a varied selection of fantasy and SF authors. This week - for oh, about 6 days and some change - you can get Battlestar Galactica's novelization by Jeffrey A. Carver. (It's the miniseries.)  Great way to break your literary friends into the show, y'know.

Sign up here at http://tor.com/
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Emmy finalists announced [27 Jun 2008|09:08am]
This may be slightly OT, but... Emmy's top 10 finalists for the comedy and drama series revealed, and BSG is nowhere to be seen :( 

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[27 Jun 2008|12:54pm]
Round 4 of Season 1's BSG Survivor is up and running if you would like to come play.
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Looking for... [27 Jun 2008|02:22pm]
Was just wondering if anyone knew anywhere where scripts of episodes may be posted? Anyone? Anyone?

Any suggestions/info would be most appreciated!

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Maelstrom observations [27 Jun 2008|03:08pm]
Socrata Thrace smoked Marlboro cigarettes.

Kara's apartment was exactly the same as the place she was held by Leoben (same floor plan exactly).

Talk amongst yourselves.
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And while I'm at it [27 Jun 2008|03:14pm]
this has been bugging me too:
s4 e10 spoilerCollapse )
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Hypaspace Weekly - Nicki Clyne [27 Jun 2008|11:05pm]
Nicki Clyne hosts the latest episode of Hypaspace Weekly.

SPOILER WARNING: There are spoilers if you haven't seen 4x03: The Ties That Bind. 

EDIT: Nicki blogged about it here
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