December 4th, 2007

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Razor DVD - What did ya think?

The Razor DVD is now in stores -- Thought I'd start up a thread where we could talk about what we liked, disliked, etc.

Did you like the extended version better than the televised version?

Did you like the bonus features? Which one was your favorite?

I'm lookin' forward to see what everyone thinks of it. {{Obviously, there will be mega-Razor-spoilers in the comments of this thread.}}

Speech From Extended 'Razor' (SPOILERS behind cut)

The Hybrid has a few more words to say that is part of the DVD and not a cut scene.

I transcribed his entire speech as he said it.

Since this is heavily spoiler-laden, I will put it behind a cut:

Collapse )

A bit of random geekness here: the actor who played the Hybrid also voiced one of the alien races from the game Homeworld and Homeworld 2. if you remember the race, you'll definitely see a recurrence here.
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