December 3rd, 2007

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The Evolution of Starbuck

I posted something like this a long time ago, but I thought I'd update it and do it again.. I find it interesting to see where the character of Kara Thrace has been taken over the course of 3+ seasons.

This post includes images from season 3, and from the latest season 4 promo. The comments to this thread might have season 3 spoilers.
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Razor Reminder.. and Links

The Razor DVD comes out tomorrow!!! :) I'm excited to watch the extended version.

Which reminds me, I ran across three YouTube videos I thought I'd post.. Obviously, they've all got Razor spoilers.

1) Razor Fan Video, Music: 'Noose,' A Perfect Circle - I love that song
2) That stupid Quizno's ad.. Ssooo ridiculous.. :P
3) Razor Deleted Scene (I'm choosing to not watch this one.. I'm gonna wait for the DVD tomorrow.. but from the first few seconds, it definitely grabbed my attention)
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Razor question (no spoilers)

I unfortunately missed Razor (though I got home at 1 AM that night and caught the first 30 minutes of it when they re-aired it). A couple I know TiVo'd it for me, and I was really trying to pitch the show to them since they'd never seen it. One of them just e-mailed me asking if I want to come hang out next week, and suggested that maybe we could watch Razor together then.

Do you guys think it'd be something that people who've never seen BSG would be able to follow? Is it a passable intro to the show? I'm not sure I'd have time to rent and watch Razor before meeting up with them, but if it'd really confuse them, I can try to rent the miniseries so we can watch that instead. It seemed, from the bit I saw, that you could watch it without much prior knowledge of what went on and still get what was happening, since it included all those flashbacks to paint a whole picture.

I'd appreciate your input. Thanks so much!