November 28th, 2007

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LocateTV widget for Battlestar Blog

Battlestar Galactica at

This LocateTV widget shows the next episode of BSG that will be airing in your region. Click on the widget to visit LocateTV's site for more info on BSG or any other show. If you want, you can personalize your own widget and add it to your own site or blog.

I thought it would be kind of a nifty thing to have here in the community.. I'll post the widget at the top of our Links Page, too, so anytime you want to use it, just head over there. :)
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Community Announcement

Everyone: Please take a minute to read this!!

Tomorrow (Thurs., Nov 29th) is the beginning of our Battlestar Rewatch. Several people have brought up concerns as to whether or not stuff from season 3 would be allowed in the rewatch review threads. The answer is YES, it'll be allowed. I realize that this will frustrate a small number of you, but the fact is, the rewatch won't be much fun if we're not allowed to discuss how past episodes relate and evolve in comparison to the rest of the series that we've seen so far... Plus, it's been a damn long time since season 3 ended. I was hoping (we were all hoping) that the season 3 DVDs would be out here in the U.S. by now, but so far we don't even have a frakkin' release date.. Most of us have seen season 3 by now. Those of you who haven't watched season 3 yet, and are still very paranoid about spoilers, well.. I guess my advice to you would be: don't read the rewatch episode review threads.

No matter which way I go on this, people will be unsatisfied, I know. It comes down to the majority. The majority of our community members have seen season 3.

So, to break it all down for ya:
Season 3 will not be considered spoilery in the rewatch review threads. But it will still be considered spoilery when you're posting your own stuff. ie. it still has to go behind an LJ-cut. Fair enough?

If this doesn't make sense, or if you have questions, let me know in the comments of this thread.

Again, our BSG Rewatch starts tomorrow with the 2003 mini-series! Here's the full episode schedule. I'll post the review thread for each episode the day it shows up on our rewatch calendar. You can feel free to watch it and comment anytime - that afternoon, that evening, the next morning - whenever. Just have fun!

Personally, I can't wait to see how YOUNG everyone looks in the mini-series and season 1. :)

Oh, and last thing --
I'll be keeping all of the review threads archived, as always, right over here.

Thanks, everyone!
Fire up those FTLs.