November 22nd, 2007

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Ron's blog #5 - The True Fan

The latest entry in Ron's blog ......

The True Fan
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My brother Mike and my long-time friend Naren Shankar (of CSI fame) had the same comment on the above photo:

"I'm impressed. It takes a lot of guts, integrity and inner strength to go out there and wear a Miami Dolphins hat."

To which I can only reply that it's easy to support the team in the fat years, it’s the lean years that provide the true test of the fan.

Go 'Fins. 6-10 is still possible.

Yes it is. Believe.


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Razor DVD Review

Digital Bits reviews the Razor DVD (obviously, includes a few Razor spoilers)

Here's a spoiler-free selection regarding the DVD features:
"Universal's DVD release is a treat. Not only do you get the original 87-minute broadcast version of Razor in full anamorphic widescreen video, the studio has used seamless branching and a dual-layered disc to offer the 103-minute extended version as well. The DVD offers a surprising amount of extras, including a full-length audio commentary track with series creator Ron Moore and writer Michael Taylor. Moore's commentaries are always interesting and informative, and this one is no exception. You'll be treated to tons of little insights into the story, the characters and the production process. You'll learn of roads not taken, how the entire structure of Razor was changed in editing and much more. Three featurettes are included too. 'My Favorite Episode So Far' has the cast and crew describing their favorite moments while working on the series to date. In 'The Look of Battlestar Galactica,' DP Stephen McNutt and the producers talk about their gritty, documentary-style approach to shooting the series. And in 'Season Four Sneak Peek,' the cast and crew hint at some of the events to come. You also get a teaser trailer for Season Four and a pair of deleted scenes from Razor. Finally - and this came as a surprise because it wasn't advertised by Universal - the DVD includes all of the Sci-Fi Channel preview Flashbacks that have been shown in recent weeks (they're called Minisodes here). These include a couple of additional scenes not in either version of Razor. Best of all, everything but the deleted scenes is presented in full anamorphic widescreen video."

I can't wait!!! :)

Thanks for the link, Sitrep!