November 20th, 2007

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Get ready to run from the cylons all over again.

I wanted to quickly remind everyone that our BSG Rewatch is starting in just over a week! I'll have our rewatch schedule on the community profile page, and I also threw together this picture, in case you want to put it on your desktop or print it up or whatever (click for bigger version):

If any other BSG fan sites or LJ communities want to join in on the rewatch fun and share our schedule, that's 100% cool with me. :) More the merrier!
Chexee (Chief Tyrol)

Cylon Raider

From the latest Diamond Select Toys email newsletter ....

The Cylons Are Coming!
Just in time to remind you of the November 24th Battlestar Galactica: Razor release comes the latest addition to the Cylon armada – the modern Cylon Raider Statue! The arrival of a Cylon fleet is enough to scare most crews, but the deadly accuracy of their Cylon Raiders does more than just scare... This eight-inch statue was sculpted by Gentle Giant utilizing the hit series' own digital production files and features the terrifying Cylon Raider complete with display base. These artificially intelligent war machines are limited to just 2,007 pieces and should be arriving in your sector next April with the return of Battlestar Galactica! 

Chexee (Chief Tyrol)

Ron's blog #4 - The “Razor” featurettes

The latest entry in Ron's blog ......

The "Razor" featurettes
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just so there's no confusion, I'd like to make the distinctions clear between the two minute "featurettes" (or whatever we're calling them these days) from "Razor" and last year's "Resistance" webisodes that preceded the Season Three launch. I've given several interviews regarding the history of the webisodes and how the studio initially wanted to call them promotional material and not pay anyone, then finally relented on payment, only to refuse to provide credits in the end and forcing me to post them on my blog at

The distinction between the two is that webisodes were new material created specifically for the internet, while the featurettes are really little more than deleted scenes from "Razor." In the first instance, we were being asked to write and produce new material without compensation or credit, while in the second we simply repurposed existing material that would otherwise end up on the cutting room floor. That's not to say that the featurettes weren't subject to a great deal of haggling and negotiation with the studio over issues of reuse and credits -- they were. But in the end, I agreed to go with the featurettes while still refusing to produce more webisodes because I felt that using existing scenes in this format was different than creating new stories. Hopefully, the new contract that gets hammered out between the studios and the writers' guild will clear up all of this and provide enough clarity so that showrunners like myself won't have to be in the position of making these calls on a case by case basis. 


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BSG Action Figures (Series 1)

From the "Radical Confidential" page on the Diamond Select Toys website .....

New Battlestar Galactica Packaging!

Just as new Battlestar Galactica: Razor is getting ready to melt fans' brains, our first assortment of Battlestar action figures is preparing to jump into stores nationwide later this month! We've been hard at work fine-tuning the debut assortment which features Apollo, Six and Hotdog - but we haven't forgotten the Previews Exclusive Caprica Six, the DST Exclusive Chief Tyrol, Action Figure Xpress' own Helo and Big Bad Toy Stores' & Suncoast/F.Y.E.'s Sam Anders!

So while you're waiting for the November 24th Razor debut, take a look at these new images revealing the never-before-seen packaging style for future Battlestar figures! We didn't cut corners on these space-faring adventures! What's that? The corners are actually cut? Well, we promise not to cut any corners that the television franchise hasn't already cut... How's that?

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