November 19th, 2007

Boomer at Wizard World and Roslin '08 shirt

Howdy all.

I went to the Wizard World Comic Con in Arlington, TX this weekend.
Herb Jefferson, the original Boomer, was there. Now, this is a small con and there really werent any big name celebs (the girl that plays Kara on Smallville was the main attraction), but NO ONE was talking to him. I walked past his booth and he looked so lonely and sad I just kept walking. The whole "celeb" section was depressing. Lou Ferigno (the Hulk) drew a long line, but the Original Lois Lane from the 50's (who is basically 150) had no one. Some random guy who was in the background of Return of the Jedi had no one, and Boomer was also all alone. It was quite a downer.

I thought, "this is where scifi goes to die. "

On a happier note, here's some shameless self promotion. Check out this "Roslin' 08" shirt I made.
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