November 17th, 2007

WGA Strike

Strike talks set to resume 26 November

The AMPTP and the WGA have agreed to return to the negotiating table Monday November 26th, after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here's a snippet from the eonline article .....

The casts of The Office, 30 Rock, Bionic Woman and Battlestar Galactica were informed Thursday that their contracts have been suspended for the next five weeks, now that Universal Media Studios has opted to exercise what's known as the force majeure clause in their Screen Actors Guild agreements.

Regulars from those NBC and Sci-Fi Channel shows will collect half of their usual salaries. Obviously, this will be less financially painful for some, but it won't be pleasant for anyone.

The force majeure provision allows studios and networks to suspend SAG members' deals immediately once production on their shows has shut down, and the writers, who are theoretically supposed to have a four to six-week cushion before their deals are frozen, could be next.

Universal's players, however, are making out better than their counterparts over at Sony Pictures TV, which has suspended the casts of Fox's Til Death and CBS' Rules of Engagement without pay—a decision that has both SAG and the American Federation of TV & Radio Artists up in arms because Sony's move both cuts the actors' pay and, because it's not outright terminating the contracts, prevents them from working for another studio.

Per SAG's agreement, studios can opt to suspend members for five weeks with half pay, like Universal is doing; suspend them with full pay; or release them from their contracts. Even if the actors are fired, they're supposed to be immediately rehired under their original contract terms once production recommences.

The SAG-AFTRA contracts don't expire on their own until June 30, until which AFTRA vows to keep a close watch on how the strike-lorn studios treat its employees.

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BSG Con great. Kate Vernon, Bear McCreary, Steve Anderson, and Tahmoh Penikett AWESOME. Full Con report Monday, after it's over.

*eagerly awaits the coming Bamber/Sackhoff*

(PS If you're at the con, come find me! Tomorrow I will be in a black top, jeans, and some kind of funky jewelry, back row of the right hand reserved section)
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