November 9th, 2007

Chexee (Chief Tyrol)

Leoben on Bionic Woman

I admit it, I still watch Bionic Woman every week. Although I only do it because I keep telling myself that "next week it will start to get better" :) Anyway, Callum Keith Rennie was a guest star on last nights episode. I've clipped his scenes from the episode which you can download from here

P.S. In that first scene of the video, you don't see his face but that's CKR smoking the cigar.

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The small German sci-fi convention Crossroads, featuring Luciana "Kat" Carro as one of four star guests, is being kicked off as we speak. But three weeks ago, Lucci already attended the eigth (and, sadly, last) Utopia convention in the Netherlands.

Yours truly had the great pleasure of meeting her there. I could write paragraphs about her amazingly affectionate and warm personality, yet I better spare you my fanboy rants. ;-)

Instead, I'd like to encourage you to have a look at a cute video clip, a transcript of her Q&A's, a gallery of photos taken by Marcel "MAD" Damen, and our interview. Hope you like it.
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Well, I'm a bit jealous..

Looks like you lucky fans that are attending the Seattle showing of Razor on Monday might get to meet Jamie Bamber and Ron Moore.. They're planning on being there. (Info links at Galactica Sitrep)

Though - to be fair - we don't know if their plans have changed since the strike started. So who knows.. Hopefully they'll still be there. If anyone knows for sure, leave a comment here!