November 8th, 2007

WGA Strike

Battlestar Galactica Producer Talks Strike

Battlestar Galactica Producer Talks Strike
Ron Moore on why he's striking and how Battlestar's final season is affected
by Eric Goldman


An excerpt from the interview .....

As for how Battlestar Galactica is being affected, Moore said "We have an episode [filming] on the stage right now that will be the last episode. We don't have a script beyond that, so this will be it." There had been varying talk about just how many episodes Battlestar had completed of its 20 episode final season, but Moore told me the episode filming now "happens to be our mid-season cliffhanger, so it's just one of the quirks of the schedule that boom, we will finish our first ten and the network had planned to show just the first ten anyway. The airdate for the back ten was up in the air. Now it's even more up in the air."

In the event of a prolonged strike, I asked Moore how difficult it might be to reassemble the cast and crew, who had thought they would be finishing work on the series forever this spring. "We can certainly do it," Moore said, in regards to getting everyone back. "I know that the entire cast and crew and writing staff are eager to finish and it's very, very important to us to finish, so whenever it's resolved, we'll all be ready to go back in and finish the show. We know what the stories are. We haven't written the scripts, but we know what the stories are, leading up to the finale."

It had recently been announced that Moore would be making his directorial debut on a Battlestar episode, and he laughed, revealing that was going to be the next episode shot. "It was an interesting week last week, because the very next one was going to be the one I was going to write and direct, and that's the one that we're not gonna do."

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Two Quick Things:

1) I saw that Katee Sackhoff is on the "Must List" in this week's Entertainment Weekly. They point out how awesome she is in Bionic Woman.

2) Did anyone else notice Michael Scott was wearing a BSG sweatshirt at the end of The Office tonight? :) hah