November 7th, 2007

Darkness decends


WC: 6,533
Rating: MA
Characters: Roslin, Yarred, Cottle, Tory, Anders, Kara
Disclaimer: Same as every chapter before... see site index too. *sighs* 
Thank you again to everyone for all the support you’ve shown this little tale of mine. *clears throat* “Please be advised that this chapter contains adult material and is not suitable for all viewers. Parental discretion is advised!” ;)

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The Votes Have Been Counted...

A huge thank you to everyone who voted! And an even bigger thanks to all 19 brave BSG fans who slapped on a uniform (or dress, or fatigues, or whatever the case may be) and entered the contest. EVERYONE did an awesome job -- It definitely wasn't easy picking favorites.

With 150 votes, our 1st Place Winner is inviere!
With 82 votes, our 2nd Place Winner is geckoth!
With 41 votes, our 3rd Place Winner is jellibean!

inviere, geckoth, and jellibean -- send me an email at so I can hook you up with some rockin' cool BSG prizes! And of course our 1st Place Winner will be immortalized on our Community Profile Page. :)

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Battlestar Blog 2007 Costume Contest!!