October 29th, 2007

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EW.com videos - Tricia (Take 5) / Katee, Mary, Tricia and Mark (Comic-Con)

There's a two minute video of Tricia Helfer on EW.com talking about her top 5 favourite fight scenes. They show clips of the scenes and she talks about them. The first three are from BSG (season 1, 2 and 3). The 4th one is from her new movie "Walk All Over Me". And for the 5th one she discusses a fight scene from season 4. Stop the video there if you don't want spoilers.  And obviously skip the third one if you haven't seen season 3 and don't want spoilers for that.

THIS is suppose to be the direct link but if you click on it, it goes to the Jerry Seinfeld video. When the page loads just click on Tricia's video. It's listed in the box on the right under Jerry. 


There is also THIS video on the EW.com website. I'm not sure if it's been posted before. It probably has because it's from Comic-Con in July. My apologises if you've already seen it. This is the video description .... 

> ''Battlestar'' crew drops secrets of season 4!
> Katee Sackhoff, Mary McDonnell, and Tricia Helfer of ''Battlestar Galactica'' 
> discuss their final season at EW's Comic-Con Party 
The video also features other actors (David Hewlett, Michael Shanks, Colin Ferguson, etc) that are just talking about Comic-Con in general. Also Mark Sheppard is in the video. Katee and Tricia give away some S4 spoilers at the end of the video. If you want to skip those just stop the video when you see Katee, after Mark is shown and then Mary. Does that make sense? Towards the end of the video you'll see Mark Sheppard (it will be the first time you see him), then Mary, then Katee. Stop it when you see Katee because she gives a spoiler then Tricia is on and she gives a spoiler, then Katee gives another spoiler but that one is kinda stating the obvious.

I wouldn't consider any of them (the comic-con ones) to be major spoilers but I guess it depends on how strict you're being on spoilers.
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Tahmoh Penikett - Whistler 205 screen caps

Tahmoh guest-starred as the difficult artist "Elias Noth" on most recent episode of the Canadian series Whistler. He appeared in about a half dozen scenes (roughly 12 minutes) of the episode, which you can watch online if you live in Canada (if you don't, email me to see Tahmoh's scenes -- they already got yanked from YouTube).

His character will appear in at least 3 more episodes of Whistler, which airs on Saturdays at 9pm on CTV.

I've posted 50+ screencaps of his appearance over at All about Tahmoh Penikett (allabout_tahmoh).

ETA: I found a higher-res source and have uploaded a whole new set of higher-res caps here.

Looking for tattoo image

Halloween is coming up, which means there are tons of BSG costumes getting pulled out of the closet, so I hope that this is the best time to ask.  Does anyone have a very good rendering of the Kara/Anders wedding tattoo?  There are very few pictures on the internet that have the tattoo, let alone good quality ones, so I'm hoping someone out there made a graphic of it.  I'm happy with a graphic of either or both tattoos.  I'm using it as a collage for glass panels in a door for my bedroom, and I'd very much like that tattoo to be the last panel to the collage.  If anyone can help me out, that'd be awesome.


To all those wondering, "Why, Sci-Fi Channel, Why?" A Theory

The Sci-Fi Channel isn't after Sci-Fi fans. They've got 'em. Think about it. It's in the name of their channel.You like sci-fi, logic dictates that you watch the Sci-Fi Channel. Look at comic book movies. If they were made for fans, the people who are going to see them anyway, we wouldn't sit through things like X-Men 3 or Batman & Robin. How many times have you seen a movie you knew would be terrible just because it was Spider-Man (or in my case, Superman)? Hell I own terrible movies I'll probably never watch just cause I'm a fan. I own that massive $100 dollar Superman box set cause it's frakking Superman, but I'll never feel the need to pop in Superman 4 or Superman Returns (Superman 3 is a guilty Richard Pryor pleasure) and yet I own the hell out of it.

My point being (sorry about the tangent), I've heard people who "don't normally like sci-fi" tell me how much they love BSG. Flash Gordon? Do you think anyone looked at that show and said this is quality television? No, and that's why it's terrible. You people are watching it cause it's sci-fi. No one else is watching. If they thought they could push Flash the way they pushed Battlestar I guarantee you it wouldn't look like it was shot in my backyard and the abandoned warehouse in my neighborhood. Sci-Fi plays a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with their shows. They usually give you the ducks and you stick around for the goose. It's the goose we all want. If the game was duck, duck, duck no one would play. The thing is they want the goose lovers to stay around, but if the same person keeps getting the goose everyone else will leave, and that's when the ratings start to fall. When that happens it's time to cancel that show (Farscape, BSG), and find the new one. I'll bet you anything that Bionic Woman was a Sci-Fi Channel prospect that NBC nabbed for themselves due to the popularity of Heroes (last year was a terrible year for NBC), and now Sci-Fi's scrambling for their own identity, and with the writers strike looming, and sci-fi being a subject that doesn't exactly lend itself to the reality show (not that it stops them from having not only "reality shows" like Ghost Hunters and ECW wrestling), they are in desperate need of prolonging the release of the "last season" of the one redeeming show that's already in the can in case the strike actually goes down.

I'll admit this theory has some holes, namely the terrible movie weekends, but maybe that's achieving all those self contained story lines all the networks always want (remember Firefly fans?). Finding a solution is even harder. I know when comic book movies first started coming out I went to the theater to see them regardless of quality (was Spider-Man really that good a movie?) because I was afraid that if these films didn't make any money, there wouldn't be any more. I wanted more so I went. It wasn't until Fantastic Four came out that I managed to just say no. It's hard. Our fandoms are for most of us, a deep love. We write fanfic because we can't depend on the studios or writers to keep us in a never ending supply of Character Crack. We make Fanvids and build RPGs around these universes and we all pray for the next Serenity movie or the big screen debut of our favorite sci-fi TV show (Farscape: The Motion Picture anyone? Yeah, it might be too late for that). The question we need to ask is, are we willing to bite the hand that feeds us just to get a meal of substantial quality? I'm tired of eating dog food shaped like Stargate SG-1.

This is something I originally posted in the Season 4 discussion thread on the Colonialfleet.org. I felt strongly enough about what I wrote to bring it to LJ community. I hope no one minds.