October 25th, 2007



So I'm super excited about the prospect of seeing Razor in theaters, but i just realized that this whole "site goes live on Friday" is a little more cryptic than I'd like, and I really would like those tickets.

So does the site go up Friday at midnight, or business hours? What's the time zone? Is it eastern standard time or Pacific, or hey!, even mountain? Does anyone else know these answers cause I'm stumped.
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Starbuck is hotter than you

Crossover fan video - Coming Undone - Starbuck/Sarah Corvus - M

I've never posted to this community before but I thought I would share a video I made that showcases the fabulous Katee Sackhoff. It's a crossover between Battlestar Galactica and Bionic Woman. All spoilers and info have been clearly listed.

Song - Coming Undone
Artist - KoRn
Vidder - latteaddict
Spoilers - anything from seasons 1-3 BSG, and the first 4 eps of Bionic Woman
Warnings - sex and violence
Rating - M
Pairing - Starbuck/Sarah Corvus (including Kara/Lee, Sarah/Jae, Sarah/European dude)
Size - 51 mb

Disclaimer - Not mine, none of it. Between Ron Moore and David Eick, they own it all.

Summary - let's be honest, I just want to showcase how talented and gorgeous Katee Sackoff is

d/load: rapidshare - Coming Undone

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spanish inquisition

Not until February... No, make that APRIL.

Edited to reflect the newstory that pennyfeline posted.

From watchingbsg.com:

Fans who have been waiting a long time for a new Battlestar Galactica season will have to wait just a little bit longer … it looks like February will be the soonest we will see any new episodes. For a long time it had been considered a given that the final season would start in January, but now it appears that is not the case.

Combined with fears of the impending writers strike wrecking havoc on the BSG production schedule, this is a bit of a blow. There could be some silver lining to the writer’s strike dilemma, however, as networks will be desperate for new content. According to SyFy portal this means that NBC, which is owned by the same company as the SciFi Channel, will be highly likely to air well-reviewed shows such as Battlestar Galactica. A bigger network means more potential viewers, and more potential viewers means more potential fans … and since Ron Moore and David Eick are still waiting to hear the official word on BSG projects such as Caprica, more fans is a good thing for current fans wanting to see more BSG projects. Dare to dream.

Story link: http://www.watchingbsg.com/change-your-tivo-bsg-not-coming-in-january/

And courtesy of pennyfeline, the LA Times tells us not until April. Apparently RDM is also directing. Article also has some vague, minor spoilers.