October 15th, 2007

Cylon Development?

I was re-watching some episodes last night. I remember hearing, I think waay back during Season One, that the Cylons were modeled after several personality and behavioral archetypes. I was trying to recall them, and, well, I couldn't.

Was it ever revealed what these personality archetypes were? Did the show follow their archetypes, or did the models become their own thing? Is it possible that I just completely made this all up?

Thanks in advance for the input, and sorry if this has been addressed already. I'm not sure why, but there's something about personality archetypes and behavioral patterns that I find very interesting...
bsg scar vipers
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BSG Game for the 360/PC

Check it out -- screenshots and a trailer for the Battlestar Xbox360/PC game --
Here's the link!

Set in a distant part of the universe called the Twelve Colonies, players sign up to either defend the Galactica, or play as the ruthless Cylons as they seek to remove the human race from existence. Battlestar Galactica allows players to take part in enormous multiplayer space battles – up to 16 players on PC or 8 on Xbox Live Arcade. Gamers can also play through the intense single-player campaign based on memorable episodes and storylines from the TV series including the riveting first episode of the continuing series, “33,” which finds the fleet in need of protection as it prepares to jump every thirty-three minutes; “Scar,” the season 2 standout that pit the Galactica pilots against a particularly vindictive Cylon Raider; the pivotal “Resurrection Ship,” in which a major asset of the Cylons is discovered and attacked; and the 2007 Emmy Award-winning episode, “Exodus.”

• Single-Player Campaign – Pilot various ships and complete memorable missions from the TV series.
• Multiplayer Game Mode – Play online with 8 players in this relentless space-based action shooter in Firefight, Skirmish and Domination modes.
• Legendary Spaceships – Fly 4 Human and 4 Cylon ships from the Viper II to the Cylon Raider, each with unique weapon capabilities.
• Special Weapons – Coordinate attacks with a gallery of destructive weapons including the missiles, guns and more.
• Realistic Effects – Full 3D graphics to show off the detailed ships and cosmic environment.
• Defensive Maneuvers – Avoid annihilation with the barrel roll, quick turnabouts and other aerial moves.

The game is scheduled to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PC (download & retail) , Fall 2007.