October 10th, 2007

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Season 3 Soundtrack - A First Listen

You can now listen to portions of the season 3 soundtrack over at soundtrack.net/features/article/?id=243
Obviously, link contains season 3 spoilers.

I can tell already I'm gonna be listening to this soundtrack nonstop.. the little teaser clips just make me want it all the more!! :)
.. With the exception of Track 21.. I know I'm in the minority among fans, but that one still bugs the hell outta me.

(Thanks to Galactica Sitrep for the heads-up on this!)

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Pictures of a battleship

So about a month ago I was in the US and in Washington, DC. I went to the Air & Space Museum and there, lo and behold, not only did they have a model of an aircraft carier ship, a battleship if you will, no no, they also had an entire section of such a ship constructed where visitors could walk around and get a feel. I was overwhelmed with geek love and took some pictures. This may be boring to most, but I figured someone might find this at least a little cool?

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