October 6th, 2007


Non US Viewers

Razor Flashbacks on SciFi.com are not available to people outside the US. Which sucks for me and I'm imagining at lot of other people on here too. Saw it posted on demonoid which Canadians (me) are now banned from.

So I created this thread to have a place where hopefully people can post links to youtube, etc for the rest of us who are dying to see them.

Any help would be appreciated! thanks :)

EDIT: AVI LINK for Razor Flashback 1

thanks to all_shine_on and everyone else for the help
not mine, mat

super nitpick

I'm going to be at a BSG Trivia contest tomorrow i thought of a question to use to stump the trivia buffs, but i forgot the answer
The number of adma senior's first viper, want to say it was 113, can some one confirm this?
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