October 5th, 2007

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BSG Minimates (Wave 4) Kat

From the Diamond Select Toys email newsletter ....

Battlestar Galactica's Kat vs Mortar Pack Cylon!

With the fourth series of Battlestar Galactica Minimates already announced, who knew there would be more. Available through Diamond Previews, this exclusive two-pack features the fearless Kat aka Louanne Katraine aka Sasha! Whatever her name is, she's packaged with a heavy duty Mortar Pack Cylon ready to shoot her out of the sky!

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Katee on Lifetime

Just a heads up. In case you missed it last time, Katee's movie How I Married My High School Crush is airing again on Lifetime tonight (Oct 5th) at 9pm (check your listings to confirm the time).
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Flashback Review Thread #1

I wasn't really sure what was going on with these flashback things.. I thought they were just extended sneak peek clips for the "Razor" mini-movie, and thus was avoiding them, but apparently they're their own separate thing.. ? I dunno, I'm still kind of confused. EDIT: I believe they're scenes that will be added to Razor for the DVD release, but have been chopped from the version we'll see on TV.

Here's what the official site says:
From October 5 through November 16, SCI FI whets Battlestar fans' appetites every Friday night with Razor Flashbacks during all-new episodes of Flash Gordon. All the flashback clips will be available on SCIFI.COM immediately after broadcast. This isn't footage you'll see in the premiere of Razor, so make sure to watch every Friday for a new flashback adventure!

Anyway, so I'm on the ball now, and here's our first official Flashback Review Thread.

Please bookmark this thread and after you've seen the flashback, post your thoughts and reviews here. As always, this is not mandatory, but it's helpful, so that we can all discuss in one place and not have a ton of different threads about the same thing -- And I'll be adding this thread to our Episode Reviews page for easy reference.

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