October 1st, 2007

Chexee (Chief Tyrol)

Battlestar Dog Tags: Now with character names

From the QMx Insider Issue 2.1 email newsletter ....

Battlestar Dog Tags: Now with character names

In Battlestar Galactica news: A number of customers have written us and asked if their custom-engraved Artisan Dog Tags can have character names on them instead of selecting a unique name. The answer is, "Yes!"

If you'd prefer the name of a Battlestar Galactica character on your dog tags, please note that with your order. Character dog tags have the following restrictions:

* They must have that character's serial number on them, which means your serial number will not be unique.
* The character in question must be a member of the Colonial military, and we must be able to confirm an accurate serial number for that character. Sorry, Gaius, no dog tags for you!

We have confirmed serial numbers for following characters: Starbuck, Apollo, Helo, Admiral Adama, Chief Tyrol, Athena, Admiral Cain and Saul Tigh.

Because this is a made-to-order product, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Price: USD$49.95
Shipping: 4-6 weeks

Source: Quantum Mechanix Inc

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Luciana Carro @ Utopia Convention

Check out UtopiaSite.com for info!
Utopia VIII, a genre convention in Scheveningen near The Hague (Netherlands), from October 19-21.
Luciana Carro (aka "Kat") will be there, and they're still working on a second BSG guest.

By the way --
I've had a couple people asking me why I haven't posted our Battlestar Blog interview with Luciana Carro yet. The answer is this: she's been super busy with acting gigs and hasn't had time to answer the Q&A yet -- she got really busy right around the time I sent the questions, so hopefully she'll still get a chance to do that. Rest assured, as soon as I get the Q&A back from her, I'll get the feature posted for you guys.