September 26th, 2007

Ausiello has some Razor scoop (possible spoiler)

Over at TV Guide's "Ask Ausiello" Michael has some info on the ending of Razor. No spoilers, but definitely worth checking out.

Question: Can I please get some Battlestar Galactica scoop? — Theresa
Ausiello: I'm hearing that the climax of the upcoming Razor telepic is, to quote a BSG insider, "probably the best BSG ending since Boomer walked onto Ragnar Station with the other Cylons at the end of the miniseries." All I'll say is it involves someone uttering the following words:

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RPG Corebook is out

I was just at my local hobby/comic store and saw that the BSG roleplaying game is now out. It looks pretty cool.. the whole thing's full-color, filled with great photos from the show, nice lookin' design. I haven't played it yet, but I'm told it has the same rule system as the Firefly RPG. Anyway, if any of you pick this up and try it out, post a review - I'd love to hear your opinions on it.

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Bionic Woman Review Thread

Review Thread

Tonight's the premiere of Bionic Woman.
Since we're in a BSG dry spell and the show has Katee and was made by David Eick, etc., I figured that it would be appropriate to have a discussion thread here in BSG Blog. We're not gonna do this with every episode -- I'm sure there will be plenty of "Bionic Woman" LJ communities for that -- but I'm sure we're all at least a little bit curious about the pilot, so here ya go.

So bookmark this post and add your thoughts, reviews, whatever on "Bionic Woman." No need to be touchy about spoilers. Let's go ahead and assume that anyone reading this thread has already seen the pilot episode.