September 13th, 2007


The Missing Year - Update!


Chapter sixteen of "The Missing Year" is up at my website Chilipipland

Chapters: 16 ~ SELLOI
Rating: MA
Characters: Laura Roslin, William Adama, Kalin Yarred, Kara Thrace & various OKC's
Spoilers: NONE ~ so far. I will certainly let everyone know when and if they do appear.
Summery: "The Missing Year" is my musings on what Laura Roslin's year on New Caprica might have been like. She meets some interesting new people, develops relationships with known characters and has a few... well adventures... “Please be advised that this chapter contains adult material and is not suitable for all viewers. Parental discretion is advised!” ;)

Disclaimer: See site index. I don't own known BSG characters and I'm not affiliated with SciFi, NBC or Universal. Just borrowing the characters to make some drama and spread some JOY!

Cheers & Enjoy!
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Community Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone to please read and follow the community rules:

1) Keep large images (anything wider than 450 pixels), questionable material (things that might not be work-safe), and spoilers (see #3) behind an LJ-cut, and warn people about what's behind the cut.

2) Everything up to and including the season 2 finale is considered NON-spoiler material in this community.

3) Everything after the season 2 finale is considered SPOILER MATERIAL right now -- details and discussions must be hidden beneath an LJ-cut with a spoiler warning. This does not include episode titles, but it can still extend to user icons -- season 3 images are not altogether banned from user icons, but if you have any big season 3 spoilers or surprises in your icon, you risk having your post deleted.

Thanks, everyone.