September 10th, 2007

Ronin Photographer 4

More BSG Photoshoot pics from D*C '07!

Hi everyone! klytaemnestra told me about the awesome responses she's been getting to our BSG photoshoot from D*C '07 in this comm, so I decided to post a few extra shots. (Heck, I might repeat a couple that she already posted because I'm really proud of them!)

Without further ado -


cobheran as Baltar

klytaemnestra as Six

livetolove as Athena

_serendipitous as Boomer

midknight_dream as Helo

Yours truly (va_ronin) as The Photographer

Sneak preview:

Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed these, and we LOVE comments:D

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ps - My full D*C '07 album, including regular con shots and our Dr Who photoshoot is here, and you'll find me on cosplay[dot]com here:-)
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