August 10th, 2007

[CHUCK] sarah; smile train

vid of helo&sharon

Hi!!this is my first video of BSG and I've made it of Helo and sharon my favs charaters and I hope you like it!!

Title: For Blue Skies. 
Artist: Strays don't sleep. 
Vidder: princesaskater
Summary: The lovestory of Helo and Sharon and how they fight for to be together. 
Spoilers: all three seasons
Links: HERE in my journal
Feedback very much appreciated

new fanvid

Song: Don't Forget Me
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Vidder: Jo
Characters: Ensemble, with a strong focus on Kara, Baltar, Six, Tigh
Pairings: Includes Kara/Lee, Baltar/Six, Sharon/Helo, Tigh/Ellen
Summary: Is it a higher power that guides these individuals through their destinies, or the connection they share with each other?
Spoilers: Entire series, up to 3.20.

Link and download info at my journal!