July 17th, 2007

Ding! ding!

Another soundtrack question

Sorry to bother you with questions of archival quality but i'm desperate to know and i hadn't had the opportunity to ask at the proper time, that is when season two was in its first run. There is this one particular track in the episode Downloaded i just can't get out of my head; i mean the song Boomer is listening to in her apartment when Caprica Six comes over. It's not available on the soundtrack album, i think it's not even one of Bear Mac Creary's compositions. Is anyone, by chance, familiar with this piece and would be willing to cater to my curiosity? I only ask for the title and/or the performer's name, although further details would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, i'm unable to check the episode credits myself for information, so as i haven't succeeded in locating these data on any webpage, i have to resort to troubling you guys.