July 7th, 2007

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Battlestar Galactica Motivator posters

Hi, all! I'm officially de-lurking and offering my first post to battlestar_blog.

My wife and I - both hard-core BSG fans - live in Minnesota and attend a sci-fi convention called Convergence every year. This year, I made a bunch of posters (using this wonderful on-line tool) to put up as signage around Con and at the room party we're working at. Since I've had people begging me for them and had loads of fun making them, I thought I'd make them available in some appropriate venues, starting with this one.

Here's a few of them up front (there's about 40 altogether), followed by links to my LJ entries where I first displayed them -

And so on. The entry where I posted my first batch is here, the second batch is here, and the third one here with more to come in the near future after I recover from Con ;-). Enjoy!
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