June 2nd, 2007

I Am Cat

Frak parties for NYC this Fall and Winter 08

Hey out there...I am going to try to set up some big public Frak Parties in New York City for the November movie and the January 2008 season premiere.

If any of you out there are in the area and might want to help on this in any way, let me know.  Myself and a couple of the skiffy board fans are going to go all out, invite the cast & crew, see if SciFi wants to help in any way (their corporate offices are based in NYC).  The works.

Just trying to stay positive after this week's sad announcement.

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they could've given us at least FIVE seasons *grumbles*

EDIT: some of you have brought up good points. if some of the story arcs were to continue as they have been, then anything more than 4 seasons would just cheapen the show.

so yeah 4 good seasons is better than it becoming too many seasons of a show that started great, but ended up being crap. thanks for the input.

All My Cylons... As The Battlestar Turns.. *snort*

thanks for that wolfsamurai =D