April 27th, 2007

Chexee (Chief Tyrol)

Lucy Lawless in concert DVD "Come to Mama"

I just received the following from the POWER STAR COLLECTIBLES mailing list and thought someone might be interested in it .......
Filmed live on January 13 and 14, 2007 to a sold out crowd of delightfully screaming fans from around the world, the one and only LUCY LAWLESS made her concert debut with a knock-out two night show that made history at the world famous ROXY THEATRE in Hollywood. If you were there you know the electricity was unprecedented: performer and fans connecting on a night that will always be remembered. Lucy was simply sensational, a powerhouse live performer every bit as incredible as she is on film and wait till you see the audience reactions. The Roxy itself never had such wild fans and they have quite a history! Please note that music licenses for DVD production are not easy to get and we were unable to clear the two Beatles' songs, but the rest of Lucy's dynamic singing performance (and RENEE O'CONNOR's amazing dance surprise) is on this professionally shot multi-camera production. You'll LOVE it, including some VERY SPECIAL extras you'll find on the DVD!

Playable Worldwide!

Cost: $24.95
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