April 25th, 2007

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End of line.

Ron has said on a number of occasions that he thinks Galactica is now moving into the 3rd act of the series, presumably meaning that we're now in the beginning of the end. Ron hasn't said how long Act III will be, but hopefully there will be an answer to the questions, Will they find "Earth" (or some reasonable facsimile thereof)? and What will "Earth" be like if they get there? I don't have a magic 8-Ball and I don't have any spoilers, but I've thought up some possible answers and would like to know what you think.
Poll #972894 End of line.

Will Galactica ever find "Earth"?

No. They never find "Earth".
Yes, they find "Earth" sometime in the past.
Yes, they find "Earth" in the present day.
Yes, they find a healthy, populated "Earth" sometime in a happy future.
Yes, they find "Earth" after some horrible catastrophe, but the place is livable and they rebuild it.
Yes, they find "Earth", but it's uninhabitable, they go off to explore strange, new worlds, to seek out new life... (etc.)
The last scene of the last show is them finding "Earth", we have no idea when they arrive or what the planet's like.
Some other answer I will explain in the comments.
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