April 23rd, 2007

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Well, since the hiatus has done its best to lessen the activity around here, I bring you another random BSG-related activity. :D

What was the biggest "what the frak?" moment for you, throughout the series? It can be anything from a totally random pairing (there's been a handful, you have to admit!), to one episode where you wonder what RDM was smoking, or even something simply shocking. And yes, you can have more than one.

Visit wtf_inc for more ideas. Lol.

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Warning: comments will most likely contain season 3 spoilers, considering that season tends to be the what-the-frakiest of them all. ;]

Have fun and play nice!
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More YouTube: Tigh Deleted Scene

Somehow I'd never seen this before.. I have no idea how a gem like this slipped under my radar. heh..

Anyway, this is a complete deleted scene from the episode "Fragged" (we only saw a tiny snippet from it in the episode). It's a flashback scene showing the moment that Saul Tigh and Bill Adama first met each other. It gave me fanboy chills. :) Figured it was worth posting, especially given the events of the season 3 finale (and btw, I wouldn't be shocked if season 3 finale spoilers show up in the comments of this thread, so BE WARNED).