April 15th, 2007


So, I've decided to get a haircut (my hair's pretty short as is, but it looks ridiculously sloppy), and I'm using Starbuck as a muse. I'm kinda stuck between Starbuck!hair circa miniseries and Starbuck!hair circa season 3.

I figured this'd be the place to get some advice on that.
If this is in some violation of the rules or some moral code, sorry.

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mobi pearls

EEE Look what I got!

A friend from a forum I moderate lives in Canada and her husband is the Pastor or something where Katee was filming that tv movie.
Anyway, she knows how much I love Katee, and was like talking to her everyday for a week. Oddly she isn't a Battlerstar fan, so I will have to remedy that.

Anyway Click the icon I made to drool on the full sized image:

bsg classic series
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Episode Review Thread - Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II

To pass the time between seasons and to reconnect with BSG's roots, I invite you to join me in rewatching the Original Series. :)

Bookmark this post, rewatch the episode (or watch it for the first time!), then add your reviews, thoughts, and comments below. This review thread will be added to our community info & links page for easy reference.

As a reminder, next week's episode review will be "The Lost Warrior."

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Aaron Douglas in Australia and other niceties

Over this weekend, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) came to my little (or not so) city of Brisbane for our Supanova- pop culture convention.

He is one sweet and absolutely hilarious guy, so I though I'd post pictures.

Aaron Douglas and Dan Bacon (sgt in stargate) - http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f50/Spookywanluke/IMG_0292.jpg

Aaron Douglas Pics

Second thing of the day - during Supanova I was approached by one of the creators of a new Battlestar Galactica game. It is being made here in Brisbane and is set during the actual seasons of the series (unlike the first for PS2). It is called Battlestar Galactica X-Box 360live Arcade and sadly only comes out on said platform, but still its coming out. I was told expect it around the end of the year.

Edit: Got a guy's name wrong, its Dan Bacon not Brown....
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