April 13th, 2007

On the BSG movie this fall

Hello. I'm quite new here and this is my first post, so forgive me if someone's already discussed this before, but about the so-called two-hour event (the BSG movie) this fall, what is everyone else's thoughts on that? That is aside from, "Yay!"

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On another note, how many episodes will Season 4 be? I seem to understand that the movie is included with the order for S4. Does this mean that there will only be 20 episodes for S4, and not 22?
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The Imperious Leader

Now that I started watching the original episodes with gdg, I am really enjoying the character of the Imperious Leader. Does anyone know if RDM has ever discussed using the Imperious Leader in his re-imagining of BSG?

what a frackin...

yeah... i've just finished watching "pegasus" and i already can't stand the new *cough* admiral. and i like that i don't like her lol... i hope adama kicks her frackin butt all the way back to caprica and leaves it for the cylons lol.


just finished resurrection ship pt 1... i've got 15 min left for lunch, and we're busy at work... frack me! oy back to back to back shows with really good cliff hangers. i don't know how any of you were able to stand it just watching them week to week. i would have gone out of my mind lol.
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is bsg really sci-fi? would it be bad if it were?

i just finished reading this article from wired.com and thought it was really interesting (the comments are too). i remember RDM saying on several occasions (EJO said the same thing) that he doesn't see bsg as sci-fi. not REALLY (or solely) anyways.

but... but... it IS! it's not crappy sci-fi, that's for sure, and to be perfectly honest, considering what's being published/aired under the label of sci-fi it's no wonder he doesn't want his show to be thought of as sci-fi, but it still IS sci-fi. at least under the definition of the merriam-webster dictionary: science-fiction = fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component.

i keep thinking that in the end, if you take away all the utterly crappy novels (as well some* of those insanely badly written star trek and star wars novels), all the abhoring movies that come out every year, and all the crappy television (well, basically half of the sci-fi channel, really), sci-fi is really a cool thing. i mean, think of isaac asimov, ray bradbury, frank herbert, robert a. heinlein, gerard klein, philip k. dick, stanislaw lem, arthur c. clarke, or the late (:() kurt vonnegut. would it really be so bad for RDM to be in league with these ppl? i think not.
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