April 12th, 2007

Ewok Weed

Sketch Card BLOW-OUT!

Hey Gang,

I was doing some cleaning around the drawing table today and found a bunch of my blank sketch cards. Now, in order to make way for my new ones, I'm doing an all out Sketch Card blow out while supplies last!

Pencil sketch cards: $10. If you'd like to add inks, add $5 and if you want full color, another $5

So to break it down:

Pencils: $10
Inked: $15
Full Color (Or Grey tone): $20

I will also need $3 S&H.

I'm only going to offer this from today until a week from tomorrow (next Friday) or until I go through them all.

Just email me. hodgesart@gmail.com

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pirates life

oh lawd!

ok yeah... i'm still getting caught up on this show. i'm about half way thru the 2nd season, right after the admiral shows up. i can say i've had a few "oh holy cow" jaw dropping moments lol. lots of twists and turns, plot surprises (some i've suspected, but still have been pleasantly surprised with lol). anyway, i just wanted to pop in and say i'm still around, trying to get caught up as fast as i can but with work and stuff it's not always so easy lol. i'm definitely hooked, and plan on downloading what's there for the 3rd season from iTunes tonight :)
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