April 2nd, 2007


Skiffy Is Mucking About

I am somewhat irked here... where is the podcast for 0320, "Crossroads"?

RDM promised in his blog that multiple podcasts were going to be posted, but more than a week later... NOTHING!!!
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if you could guest star...

I apologize for the ridiculousness of this post, but I'm extremely bored. I thought this could be slightly amusing.

The question: If you could guest star on BSG, what kind of character would you wish to portray?

I'm sure everyone of us would do just about anything to spend at least one day on the set, acting along side the people that some of us practically worship. So in what way would you wish to be part of the magic? Would it be in the form of an intricate character, an enigma like Romo was? Would you want to be one of the bad guys or one of the good guys?

Or maybe you don't want to be anything. All you want to do right now is make it through the treacherous 9 months ahead of us. I understand that perfectly, but please, just humor me. :]

As for moi? I'd love to play a young genius, whose family was perhaps killed in the intial attacks. She has strong political and diplomatic views, and because of her youthful insight, Roslin wishes to hear out her propositions for the betterment of the fleet. Perhaps her story would end in death. It actually wouldn't matter to me, as long as she [my character] made some sort of impact in several people's lives, much like the character of Romo did.

Alright, I don't want to be the only insane person around here. It's somebody else's turn to participate. After all, we nutcases have to stick together. :D
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BSG Webisodes to get Extended Treatment?

BSG Webisodes to get Extended Treatment?

Without a firm release date yet announced, some details of the Battlestar Galactica season three DVD set have begun to emerge. Amongst the usual deleted scenes, actor and creator commentary, and documentaries, Battlestar Galactica fans can look forward to an expanded and spliced version of the popular Battlestar Galactica webisodes that led up to the beginning of Galactica's third season and successfully set the tone of what was to come. The real question is, will there be a second season of webisodes to precede Battlestar Galactica's fourth season which seems so many light-years away.

Apparently there was enough action held back to expand the webisodes into what nearly resembles a full episode. Being shuffled into the play list as episode zero. Whether or not there will be a new series for season four remains to be seen.

(Full article here, contains season three finale spoilers)