March 26th, 2007

the main points of controversy

The "all comments in this one post please" method is good for the people who like to post every single reaction they have to every moment in the episode as it's happening.

If you're not the type of person who can even bring yourself to type the word "squee" (no offense) unless it's in reference to a Jhonen Vasquez comic, this thread is for you.

There are several things we're all wondering about now. Many of you have weighed in already with what you think. Let's pull it all together here and see if we can make some sense of what's happening.

Here are the questions as I see them, and my thoughts on what the answers might be. Post yours in the comments!

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There are probably other questions, but it's past my bedtime.

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Galactica's Musical Genius

I'm extremely proud to present Battlestar Blog's 5th exclusive interview! Bear McCreary is the composer behind all three seasons of "Battlestar Galactica." He has won awards, earned rave reviews, and moved us with his unique and powerful scores week after week. Bear was kind enough to take questions from the members of Battlestar Blog and provide us with this great Q&A.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question, and a huge thanks to Bear for taking the time to do this. :)

Without further ado:

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A Newbie's Set of Theories

Hi. I'm a newbie to this site, so forgive me for anything stupid that I say. ;-D Also, I apologize if others have proposed similar theories already. I do not mean to dredge up old discussions or plagiarize anyone's ideas. (I'm a Baltar-like figure in that I always have an excuse!) However, I would like to point to the_justiner's recent post on the bsg blog, as it started me thinking about these ideas.

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Season finale clips

Hi! I'm uploading some clips of yesterday's episode... Until now i have the last scene and Lee's speech (wow!) so I thought that I could share them here, if anyone's interested ;)

Videos behind the cut...

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If this isn't allowed, delete this... and I'm sorry!

Academic Articles?

Hey, guys. As much as I'd like to write a huge long post about how awesome last night's finale was, I actually have a really boring question to ask. I'm writing a paper on the media's portrayal of crime and gender and I'm going to have a short discussion on BSG with a focus on Admiral Cain (and the murders and torture and whatnot).

Only thing is, I'd feel better if I had some actual academic sources so I was wondering if you knew of any sites that had a compilation of essays/papers from, like, scholars. Heh.

Any help would be great.

The courtroom speech

I noticed a bunch of people commenting on wanting to find a transcription of Lee's speech and, as I'm fairly certain none are available yet, decided to transcribe it myself for anyone who wanted it. You'll find it here, Collapse )

Spoilers, of course, for anyone who hasn't seen the episode. No giant shockers, but as it is a monologue transcription, there are definitely spoilers for the episode. So be warned!
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(no subject)

Ronald D.Moore, in a recent interview by Salon magazine, commented on the premise of the forthcoming mini-series/extra/special/straight to dvd movie/tv show episodes of battlestar. With season four airing early 2008 (*grumble*) it has been decided that some new battlestar material has to appear to fill the void - the subject of said material will be the Pegasus. [Full blog post click here - I don't have the link to the article]

If you don't know what the Pegasus is, don't click the link because it will spoil you somewhat.

But - has anyone heard about this?
Water shell

Crossroads II -- NOW UP on iTUNES!!

I'm dying here.
Please iTunes. Please post the episode ASAP!

Gods, please don't make me wait any longer. I am surrounded by tempting posts, every last Gods Damn one of which has a spoiler cut.
I want to click, but I mustn't.

I know that I'm not the only one waiting out here, desperate for iTunes to post. Let us commiserate. And post here just as soon as the ep is available!


Downloading Now! Yay!!!!
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Four seasons, or five?

NO, I don't have comments about the season finale! Mostly because I haven't seen it yet. Man, this community is busy liek whoa today.

Anyway! My friend goes to college at Northern Michigan University and tonight he saw....EDWARD JAMES OLMOS.

My friend says that Eddie told the crowd that season 4 will be BSG's last season. A lot of the articles and stuff made it seem like Moore/Eick were still trying to figure out if they needed a 5th one or not. Still, one would think that Eddie would know.

Personally, I'd like to see the show not get dragged on after it's done telling its basic story.

Does anyone know if there's official word yet?

how many cylons?

I don't think this thought spoils anything, but the comments might.

There are 13 colonies, right?

Are we absolutely sure there are only 12 Cylons?

Could there be a 13th one no one's accounted for because they're forgetting about Earth?