March 19th, 2007

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"exclusive" video on until 2 AM!

...and a million A/R shippers squeed all around the world. has an exclusive video for Crossroads Part 2 up, and it will only be up until 2 AM. It's non-spoilery, just shippy, but refers to a detail from tonight's episode discreetly however.

For permant links, caps, a TON of squeeage, etc. head on over to adama_roslin. We're pretty much obsessing over it.
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Trailer for Crossroads part 2

I wanted to discuss the finale trailer that aired after last night's episode. I'm really freaked out that I heard something I didn't want to hear, something that is a BIG spoiler and shouldn't have been in the trailer to begin with. I've been reading the episode reviews on my f-list and nobody is mentioning the trailer at all.


I don't want to know about any other spoilers for the finale episode, so if you've read the spoilers or seen the episode, and you know stuff that I don't, please don't share.

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mythology future or past? (no spoilers)

Is BSG supposed to take place in humanity's future or past?

That is:

A. Did humans in the BSG universe originate on Earth and venture out to colonize other worlds?


B. Did civilization as we know it arise after this series ends, influenced by the surviving humans landing on Earth and populating it?

All the Greek and Roman names of deities and zodiac signs make me think that either (A) we're to assume they came from our world and brought names from ancient myths with them, or (B) they landed on our world when we were primitive and so we saw e.g. Athena, Apollo, Aurora as gods and goddesses by virtue of superior technology and such.

Maybe we're waiting to find out the answer to this, and maybe it's "neither," and maybe it's not supposed to be our Earth at all. Do we even have any hints?
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Looks like "Crossroads Part I" AND Ron Moore's podcast commentary are both now available on iTunes (in case any of you were wondering).