March 16th, 2007

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Massive Spoiler warnings!!!!!!

On they have posted massive, massive, MASSIVE spoilers on the season 3 finale.

They warn you not to read, because it WILL ruin any surprises.

They ain't lying. I'm posting about it here just a precaution (and probable temptation). The spoilers are out there, so be careful about the sites you go to and read.
Battlestar Galatica - Awesome Kara

Starbuck fanvid

Hey everyone! I made a Starbuck music video set to "Scared of Girls" by Placebo. It's a character study with an emphasis on season three (spoilers up to 3x18 - The Son Also Rises) that covers the downward spiral that led to "Maelstrom." Also explores Kara's relationships with Lee, Sam, and Leoben and includes some speculation as to the true nature of her destiny.

If you're interested, links can be found at my journal. I'd love any and all feedback, and I'd doubly love you if you posted it at that central entry in my LJ. Enjoy! =)