March 6th, 2007

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Possible hints... Possible insights.. You decide.

I found a YouTube clip showing one of the scenes I mentioned in my theories and thoughts on Kara's Destiny located here -- spoilers for 3.17 Maelstrom, obviously.

This clip is from the classic series, showing an encounter with five mystical figures after Apollo is killed. (Again, this is classic series - these aren't spoilers for the current show.)

Immediately after the clip ends, Starbuck, Sheba and Apollo are back on Galactica and don't remember much, but they've been mysteriously "gifted" with the knowledge of where to find Earth.

Whether or not any of this is a reflection of what's going on (or about to go on) in the new series is yet to be seen and probably up for debate.. But still, it's pretty interesting to see some of these classic scenes and try to fit 'em into what's going on now. :) As we know, there have been several echoes of the original in the new. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again..

BSG Symposium

I'm totally new here, so apologies if someone has already posted this, but I thought it might interest this comm:

BSG 2007
The Politics, Poetics and Philosophy of Battlestar Galactica
A One Day Symposium

28 July 2007
Buckingham Chilterns University College, High Wycombe, UK

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bsg apollo
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Maelstrom on iTunes now

I'm sure most of you already know this, but "Maelstrom" is available on iTunes now! :)

please remember our spoiler rules, people. Season 3 discussions and spoilers MUST be behind an LJ-cut and a spoiler warning. I hate deleting posts, so don't make me have to do it. :P