March 4th, 2007

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I just saw this on It's a blurb about a rumor. The rumor is in bold, and the lowdown says maybe!  Has anyone else heard about this?

"Battlestar Galactica" Movie to Be Released in Theaters

Lowdown: Maybe. With the Peabody Award-winning series recently given the go-ahead for another season, the producers and NBC Universal have announced plans for a two-hour stand-alone movie for the direct-to-DVD market. However, if it actually turns out to be pretty good (i.e., it tests well), don't be surprised if it gets some sort of theatrical release before the fourth season of "Battlestar" begins next January.
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#6's bracelet pictures? [the sliver one with all the prongs-usually worn by the one gaius envisions]

Hello, this is my first post here and I appologize. I know back in the day if someone asked such a dumb question about seaQuest I would've been really pissed off...but I'm hoping someone will take pitty on me!

A long time ago, I believe it was right after the mini series of the new BSG appeared I found the bracelet that #6 wears [the silver one with all the random-vaguely barshaped shaped slats-she often wears it as both Caprica#6 and as the one Gaius envisions] in a catalogue...I *think* it was the Smithsonian store but it was a while ago! I was poor, and I didn't love the miniseries as much as I love the show now, but more so I was too poor, so I didn't buy it. I wanted to though....big time....and for a long time the bracelet was cut out and pasted on my fridge because I love it. Actually, it was one of my faveorite things about the mini-series...along with everything else #6 related. When I moved I did not have the foresight to take the picture off of my minifridge and magnetic poetry was not enough to secure it during the process and it was lost.

Well I still covet that bracelet....WAY more so than I did then even. Now that I could actually afford to buy it I have tried to find it online to no avail. That has not stoped my lust for this bracelet in any way! 've actually figured out several ways in which I could make my own involving my other lust-knitting. Now I know a knitted version of a bracelet which is obviously shiney silver seems nigh impossible! Wrong! I have two completly different techniques and patterns as to how I could do it and I am a pretty hardcore knitter so I'm confident. [I won't get into complex knitting jargon here but I swear it will look awesome.]


If you have any pictures of this bracelet, on or off of #6, could you please share them with me? I do not collect pictures from tv shows and I am having no luck finding any pictures...but I'm sure somewhere someone who does has a good one! In return I will show you the finished object and if you're interested I could even make one for you! I have found one publicity still off of IMDB which shows the bracelet but not very well. I have scoured the internet to no avail! [but if you ever wanted italian charm bracelet bsg charms or a bracelet of the casts pictures-well I found that :P]

so...if anyone could help a bsg loving-punk knitster out I would be very grateful...if I can't get this need for bsg art out of my system I'm liable to go get a bsg tattoo...I'm not kidding!
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Episode Review Thread

Please bookmark this post, and then after you see the episode, add your reviews and comments right here. This isn't mandatory -- it's just a favor I'm asking so that our friends' pages aren't filled with a million posts. This review thread will be added to the community info & links page for easy reference.

As always, this thread WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS for the episode.
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Help to find an ep?

Hi there -- new here, and I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could help me remember the title of an old episode.

I recall Starbuck walking in on Gaius right when he's been having a sexual fantasy involving 6 ... basically, from her point of view, he was pretty much having sex by himself, causing her to remark drily, "What's up, Doc?"

Can someone help me with the title? I'd be so grateful!

Got it - thanks!